11 June 2011

HBD, Mister C!

Wednesday provided a stellar excuse to spoil my special someone.  Birthdays are so much fun (even when they aren't your own!)

We tapped our feet to the live, jazzy tunes while we made our way through our meal at Sambuca.

As we toasted the night with our amaretto, I noticed this simple little saying at the bottom of our receipt.

We woke up to a shining downtown view through the window at the Alden.

A perfect gift for the mathematician in your life, a working abacus.  It was so much fun arranging the beads in the perfect color line-up.
Happy Birthday to the one that makes me the happiest!

07 June 2011

Oh, Hello Creativity!

I often marvel at the creativity around me...

These big ideas had me wishing to experience the ad in real life:

Plenty more over sized fun here!

Street art is another medium that inspires me to keep my eyes open on the morning bus rides to see what new art has popped up over night.  More street-blocks-turned-buildings here.

Freshly Inspired,

06 June 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

SummerFest Round 3: Knock Out!
The heat was sweltering but so were the beats, and no amount of humidity or mercury could keep us from movin' to Big Boi, Bun B, Beirut, Chromeo, Cut Copy & Weezer!

Double-parking bikes is not rude, it's efficient!

Bandanas, summer dresses, floppy hats & high buns kept our smiles sunny!

Ready to cut a rug to Cut Copy.

We spotted this painted prince right before his steep slide!

SummerFest: where the drinks are cold, and the dancin' is HOT!
We already bought our tickets for next year.  Until then!

03 June 2011

Coming Right Up!

  • SummerFest starts tomorrow, Hooray!  Last year was so much fun.  Let's see what 2011 has in store. 
  • BeerFest is next weekend.   It's a first, but come on...beer, festival, friends?  Enough said.
  • I recently discovered the Postal Pix app.  I have sent off for my first set of prints.  It's cheap, it's easy & I'm excited to get my hands on some quick prints of the current happenings.  Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery!
Stay tuned for a photo update, mates.  For now, look at this cutie kitty!

30 May 2011

3-Day Weekend | Sunday

Ahh, the ancient art of doing nothing.  It's quite nice to enjoy a 3-day weekend relaxing with an entire day to spend at your leisure.  No time constraints.  No plans. Just beautiful weather & a city full of possibilities.

Morning coffee at Catalina Coffee.  A perfectly perked pick-me-up.

Lounging & Splashing, Poolside.  A perfect May Day.

A surprise Stay-Cation at the posh Hotel ZaZa.

A pleasant place to ease our sun-kissed skin, and enjoy the balcony'd bungalow.

29 May 2011

3-Day Weekend | Saturday

We hit the ground running early Saturday morning.  Literally.  The 4.2 mile training run was seemingly easy upon first glance, until our friend, Hugh Miditiy, decided to grace us with his sloppy, sticky presence.  Summer is officially here.

After showers & snacks, we were off to reward our run with a run to our favorite stores.  And jackpot!

J.Crew Finds Galore!  I even found a new pair of mint flats.
Kate never disappoints.  Her whimsical animals, prints & baubles are irresistible.
A few treats that have been on my wish list from Anthro are now nestled cozily in my closet.
The lovely BHLDN is coming to Highland Village.  Again, so glad that I am not yet married.  This is a future bride's dream!
We stopped to refuel mid-day at the new restaurant in Highland Village, Up.  I give it two thumbs-up!

We moved on to the evening portion of our day, aka: The Party Portion.
A BBQ to bid a friend adieu!

Celebrating a birthday with a touch of childish fun.

It was a banner day!

I am excited to see what is in store for Sunday...


25 May 2011

Little lovelies.

As a girl, I love flowers.  In fact, I make it a point to keep fresh flowers around the house.  A bouquet is always at the top of my list during my weekly grocery runs.  However, nothing compares to flowers from a special someone.  These pretty peonies were sitting in the passenger seat when Mister C. picked me up from work.  No reason, just sweetness.